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    Located in the Louisville Metro area, Floyd County has convenient access to 2 airports and a large shipping port on the Ohio River. Floyd County is the second smallest county by area, and is home to 3 towns (Floyds Knobs, Georgetown and Greenville) and 1 city (New Albany). Fun fact: Floyds Knobs gets its unique name from the “knobs”, or steep hills, that are the dominant geographic features in the area.

    As of 2014, the population of Floyd County was 76,179 – 7.9% of which are veterans. The median value of homes in Floyd County is $152,800 and median gross rent is $728. 88.4% of residents are high school graduates or higher; 24.3% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    Floyd County residents travel an average of 22.6 minutes to work every day. Transplants to the area often purchase a home in Southern Indiana if they work in Louisville because of lower housing costs. Median household income is approximately $53,431. 11.6% of residents are below the poverty line.

    Job growth is higher and cost of living is lower than the U.S. average, which makes this area ideal to purchase property. Click on the links below to read more information about Floyd County, Indiana!


    Floyd County Government Website

    Census Information


    Floyd County Parks and Attractions

    Campbell Woodland Nature Trails

    Galena-Lamb Park

    Garry E. Cavan Park

    Greenville Park

    Herman Collier Park

    Letty Walter Park

    Georgetown Softball Park

    Ashley Mariah Park

    Sam Peden Community Park

    Southern Indiana Sports Center (SISC)

    Culbertson Mansion

    Carnegie Center for Art and History

    New Albany National Cemetery

    Riverfront Amphitheater


    Floyd County Festivals

    Family Easter Festival

    Thunder Over Louisville

    Kentucky Derby

    Harvest Homecoming


    For other Floyd County events, visit The Sunny Side of Louisville!


    Floyd County Newspapers

    News and Tribune

    The Banner-Gazette


    Floyd County Schools

    New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation