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Work for a Company That Puts Family First

As many of you know, being a mother/parent is one of the most difficult jobs. Are you holding them too much? Do you/don’t you vaccinate? Should you sleep train them? Is fed best, or should I be stressing myself out to breastfeed? What’s the best way to discipline? The list can go on and on and on. As a first time mother, to a now 15month old, I feel like I ask myself those questions on a daily basis.

This past weekend, Eleanor got pretty sick. Thankfully we have a very happy and healthy girl, so I don’t have to worry about it very often. Monday morning rolled around, and I just knew I needed to take her into the doctor. Double Ear infection and allergies were the culprit. (Thank you Ohio River Valley!)

She was pitiful, and my heart was breaking for her.

So I called Kristin up at work, told her the situation and there were no questions asked. She said “Don’t you dare worry about us. You hold that baby, and give her lots of cuddles.”

See…that’s what’s so great about working for a company that puts family first. Not only did I stay at home, cuddling my poor baby girl, but many of the team checked in on us. Wanting to know if she was okay, if they could do anything for me, etc. There is no behind the back politics with The Paxton Group. Just a collaboration of people who want each and every member of the team to have the best life possible.

If that best life for you is staying home with you sick kid(s) then stay home! Work will be there tomorrow, and the team has you covered.

If that best life for you is going to your boss, and telling him how unhappy you are working full time in the office, then have the conversation! Guess what? That was me a year ago. Now I work from home two days a week and in the office three days a week. Because The Paxton Group said “we’ll figure it out”, and we did. 🙂

Team members take extended lunches to see holiday plays and awards, to visit during parties, etc. They take a day to go on field trips. They go to gymnastic practices, church camp and birthday lunches!

If you don’t find yourself working for a company that puts family first, I suggest you find one that does. Not only will it change your may change the lives of your family.

Ya know, The Paxton Group is always hiring! 😉

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