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    Who Runs the World? Girls!

    Earlier this week, a few of us from the office were attending an event and happened upon a two young girls running a lemonade stand. We quickly pulled over, and bought a couple of glasses. And for some reason, I found myself getting a little emotional. As a female business owner, I feel so much pride in seeing other women succeed, even if it’s a child’s roadside lemonade stand. Being in real estate has allowed me to meet and be inspired by so many strong, insanely successful women. And, I am grateful that 6 of the other members of The Paxton Group are incredibly smart, hard-working ladies that I get to spend so much time learning from and with (sorry Todd!). Thankfully, I have these women, along with countless others in our field, to look up to. Real estate is beautiful that way. Not only can anyone own their own real estate business for very little start-up cost, the possibilities for success are endless, and there are an incredible amount of female entrepreneurs kicking butt in this industry daily.

    I was always told growing up that I could be anything I wanted to be in life. However, what we often see is male leaders in business and that image conflicts with the words we hear from our mentors. That’s why I think it’s so important for young women to not only hear those words, but also see what successful women in business look like. As businesswomen, we have an obligation to be involved in our communities, to be visible to young women. We need them to not only hear that their opportunities are endless, but to also see women just like them living it out. Business success is not gender specific, and the 6 ladies at The Paxton Group are proof of just that!

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    Alison Koopman

    Alison Koopman joined The Paxton Group in 2015 as a newly licensed Buyer's Specialist. Her goal is to make your home buying experience both fun and informative. As a former high school teacher, client education is something Alison is very passionate about. Although Alison was raised in New Albany, she has lived in Floyds Knobs all of her adult life because she loves the country atmosphere. She is a graduate of Indiana University Southeast and is very proud of her Southern Indiana roots. When Alison isn't working, you can find her spending time with her husband, Chris, and son, Jonah (2). As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and gardening.

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