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    Vacationing When You’re a Mom


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    Finally, the time has arrived! As I start packing, cleaning, planning and getting all of my final arrangements made, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes vacation is more than just a vacation. It becomes a second job.

    While I cannot wait to sit back and kick my feet up while cruising the ocean, the stress of motherhood sets in. I have to plan out my kids childcare, lunches and outfits for the week I am gone, coordinate cross-country meets and practices, write notes to the school, and most importantly give them all extra hugs and kisses. Then, I have to pack for myself. What if we go on adventures and formal dinners? Do I really need this many swimsuits???

    All the planning in the world just does not give you enough time to deep clean your house, run to the store and get the travel size shampoo’s & deodorants, pick up dry cleaning, and still function at a normal pace. I mean seriously, at this point, I need a vacation just to recover from all the hard work put into making the vacation even happen in the first place!

    But alas, I have counted down the days and waited for this week for a year. NOW it is finally here. So off I go to the Bahamas.


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