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    Unpacking Blame And #UnJobYourself

    So a Realtor walks out of a law firm into the world…
    Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?  This actually happened to me recently, and I’m going to tie it together with lessons I learned in Austin Texas a couple weeks ago:

    I held a buyer consultation with a lawyer and as I left their office I realized I’ve had some powerful transformations since my time with the legal profession. For instance, I used to blame my career choice or my employer for my professional unhappiness.  I didn’t always show up to work happy, as productive as I could, I’d watch the clock near the end of the day, or I’d find some corporate reason to blame for my feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

    Sound like anyone you know?

    I’ve realized I misplaced this blame.  I recently heard Tony Robbins say we should “blame elegantly.”  He meant we do not have the option of blaming people (or corporations) for misfortune they caused on us, unless we also “blame” them for what it taught us.

    In other words, I could blame my previous circumstances for not giving me enough opportunity, not seeing my potential, not paying me enough, not some other illegitimate excuse for my failure to realize something important:  I had more opportunities than I understood.

    As I walked out of the law firm, I realized I now blame them elegantly for causing the transformations that occurred in me, sparked my interest to learn more, to travel to Texas, and ultimately learn how to empower other people.
    I completed a trilogy of courses called Career Visioning, 30-60-90, and Success Through Others through Keller Williams University.  The goals of the three classes are simple: attract outstanding and talented individuals, help them envision a career that matches their goals, and if they are in alignment with our organization empower them to succeed quickly!  In our words, help you discover how to #unjobyourself and get out of that stuck feeling.

    If someone sat down with me five years ago and spent a little time on Career Visioning with me, my life would be dramatically different today. I probably would have left the corporate world sooner, and then who knows what transformations might have occurred…

    I always appreciate great questions, and I recently heard  one that matches this story.  I wonder if you’ll take a second to actually think about it:  What in your life right now can you blame elegantly? Is it your work situation, your personal life, an opportunity you haven’t grabbed, wasted potential, your mindset, how you think about money, a relationship, something else?
    Then consider this:  what if someone sat down with you and outlined a very simple plan to unleash your potential and actually have the career and life you envision?

    I’m so excited because the classes I took have helped me realize we can also empower people to escape their current work lives and find a much more meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting career they truly love.

    There’s a big, bold sign that hangs in the classroom at the Keller Williams training room and it says:

    #unjobyourself  (Kidding – that would be cool though.)

    It really says, “How high we rise depends on how high we lift others.”

    Maybe it’s time for you to walk out into the world, think about who is lifting you, and maybe consider a new career vision.

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