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    Time Sure Does Fly!

    Wow!  Twelve weeks sure goes quick when you have new baby!  I have been so blessed these last 12 weeks to spend them with my new daughter, Parker Kate (PK).  She made her way into this world 3:07 am on March 3rd, 2018.  What a blessing she has been to our family, now a party of 5!!

    Over the last 12 weeks I have experienced this little lady grow and change every single day, I will forever cherish those moments.  I know this is time I can never get back, as we all know, they are only little once.  We have managed to keep ourselves rather busy, lots of visits with Nana and to my work (which I have become chopped liver).  Lots of Target trips and Girl’s days with my mom and her sisters.  I have truly enjoyed those gatherings with family and watching them bond with PK!

    We’ve also had lots of visitors as well.  First my work was so awesome, they did a meal train and I don’t think we made dinner for like at least the first 3 weeks! Thank you TPG and the entire KW Family!  We also had lots of friends and family come visit and bring gifts or meals, we are so so thankful for everyone’s kindness.

    As our 12 week adventure is coming to an end, I’m both excited and sad at the same time.  I’m ready to get back to my work family but also sad to not be with my kiddos.  Thankfully, they will be in great hands with Nana and Mawmaw! Not much gets better than those two!

    I have to give a super big shout out to TPG for allowing me this time with my family and I’ve never been made to feel like I needed to hurry back to work.  They have been so supportive and have from day one; they told me to not rush coming back and make sure I was ready.  I appreciate that so much knowing this is my last little baby (I’m putting that out there for the world to see, so it must be true.) HAHA!!

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