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    The Words That Would Change Me Forever


    What?!?! You’re going to be a “GRANDMA”?

    In less than 5 weeks, a sweet little baby girl will be welcomed into my life, not as my daughter (I already have 3!) but as my GRANDdaughter!  Yes, you heard that right! This is the story of the moment that forever changed my life….. Becoming a Grandma.

    It all started last October.  My stepson, Austin, and his girlfriend, Megan, came over to the house every week to visit, eat dinner or stay the night.  For the second time that week, they were planning on coming over again.  I, being the worrying mother that I am, immediately questioned why they were coming out and what he could possibly have to tell me.  Why would they want to visit again in the same week?  There had to be a reason!  Austin acted like it was no big deal as I frantically texted him every possible scenario I could think of (including being pregnant), and he said he had left some things at our house from his last visit and was just coming to get them.  Little to my surprise, as Austin and Megan came to visit that night, the words “We are going to be parents” came out of his mouth.  No doubt that moment changed my life forever and for the better.

    As we are preparing to welcome my sweet granddaughter, the question has come up more than once, “What will you be called?” I’m only 31, so being called Grandma was NOT something that I expected at this age.  I’ve been called Mommy for almost 10 years and I love that name!  The amount of love that I share with my children is overwhelming. How can I possibly love another sweet baby just as much? 

    Well, it’s possible!  She isn’t even here yet and I get so excited just to hear an update about her doctor appointments and how she is progressing in her mommy’s womb.  She is doing great and will be here before we all know it.  In the meantime…..the question still lingers: “What will little Miss Piper call me?”   I can only imagine that being called Grandma, Granny, Mamaw K, Memaw, or whatever else Piper decides to call me will be just as special as Mom!

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    2 Responses to “The Words That Would Change Me Forever”

    • Melissa England

      Written on

      No matter what your granddaughter calls you, you will be the best “?” Ever!

    • Pamela V

      Written on

      I like Mimi or Gigi. You are going to be the hippest grandma ever!


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