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    The “Secret” to Success and Happiness



    What if I told you that I knew the secret to success and happiness? Well, I do, and it’s not really a secret. The answer is actually very simple, and can be summed up in one word: mindset.

    When I made the decision to change careers from teaching to real estate, I thought I was coming to Keller Williams to learn the ins and outs of the real estate business; what I got, however, was so much more. While I definitely transformed my professional life, my personal life was impacted tenfold.

    About two months into the business, Keller Williams started advertising a training program called BOLD. I had no clue what I was signing up for, but everyone in the office assured me it was life-changing. They weren’t wrong. Although the program’s main focus is to help you increase your business, the vehicle for doing so is changing your mindset. So, for 7 weeks, I focused on my thoughts. And while my business certainly grew, the more substantial victories came outside of the office.

    The BOLD program is made up of BOLD Laws; statements that redirect our thoughts to put things into perspective. Although there are several, and all are meaningful in their own ways, there are three that have made a lasting impact on me:

    1. Clarity is Power. Set goals, write them down, and have someone hold you accountable. You can’t move forward toward your goals if you don’t know what your goals are. Your goals must be specific and have deadlines. For me, the feeling of achievement is so much greater when I see a written goal and know that I have accomplished it. This principle has now become an integral part of my family. My husband and I sit down once a month to discuss our goals both financially and personally. We hold each other accountable, and are seeing unprecedented success. Mindset=Focus
    1. Focus on the Plan, Not the Problem. When something goes wrong, give yourself about 5.5 seconds to be upset about it. Then, figure out how to fix it. No problem has ever been solved by moping and negativity. You can make yourself the victim, or you can make yourself the hero. The choice is yours. Mindset=Positivity
    1. Come From Contribution. Find what you can do to be helpful to others. There is no better energy than the energy that comes from doing something for someone else. And to take it a step further, express gratitude often. Let other people know how their kindness has impacted you. Our team starts every Tuesday morning meeting with gratitudes. It is by far one of my favorite parts of the week. By the time we’ve all gone around the table and shared what we are thankful for that week, every single one of us is smiling. Mindset=Thoughtfulness

    These concepts are simple, but I know they aren’t always easy. Our thoughts require constant training and reminding. But the closer we come to mastering them, the more everything else falls into place.

    Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

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    Alison Koopman

    Alison Koopman joined The Paxton Group in 2015 as a newly licensed Buyer's Specialist. Her goal is to make your home buying experience both fun and informative. As a former high school teacher, client education is something Alison is very passionate about. Although Alison was raised in New Albany, she has lived in Floyds Knobs all of her adult life because she loves the country atmosphere. She is a graduate of Indiana University Southeast and is very proud of her Southern Indiana roots. When Alison isn't working, you can find her spending time with her husband, Chris, and son, Jonah (2). As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and gardening.

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