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    The importance of Gratitude and Positivity!

    Today I’m grateful for podcasts, coffee, my kids sleeping in, Marco Polo and a great workout.

    We start each of our TPG team meetings by going around the room and naming one thing that we have gratitude for that day. Sometimes we’re grateful for someone on our team, someone in our family, little things, big things, opportunities and even losses. Some meetings my gratitude would roll right out. Other days I struggled just trying to think of one thing I wanted to share, so I decided to invest some more time digging into this practice and theory.

    “You’ll always find what you’re looking for” was a quote I read when doing a little research about the importance of a daily gratitude “practice.” It seemed simple enough that if you are looking for things to be grateful for, even if it was JUST to write it down in your journal, that eventually you will start finding things to be grateful for without trying. That is where the magic would begin, and I was here for it.

    I’d been “following” Rachel Hollis for quite some time. I read her best selling books, traveled along on her insta-story adventures and had started listening to her podcast, Rise. On episode 72 of the Rise podcast, she described a daily practice she had been partaking in for years. At first I thought she was only sharing because she sells a journal for this practice (ha!), but she went on to give away all the tools and knowledge needed to start in just any old notebook.  Every morning write down 5 gratitudes, 10 goals and dreams (written as if they’ve already happened) and then 1 action item (the thing you are going to do that day to get you one step closer to achieving one of those goals.) She explained how this practice was the one thing that gave her perspective on her goals and dreams and that by simply putting them “out there” this way, she’s been able to become intentional with her time and energy in the most positive way.

    One of my “goals” that I’ve been writing down daily (which I first heard from Rachel and loved):  I’m the most positive person I know.

    And my hope is that this inspires you to consider finding your own way to intentionally bring more positivity into your day. <3

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