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    The Gold Medal of Joy



    As a parent I have had many great moments. In these moments, I have felt countless emotions, among them pride, humor, excitement, embarrassment and stress. I recently had the honor of being the mystery reader to my youngest daughter’s Kindergarten class. As I began walking to the classroom, it hit me: This is my last baby and the last time I will be the Kindergarten mystery reader. Before I opened the classroom door, my nerves started to set in just a bit. I was overly excited (and nervous) to read to the class. What if I skipped a word, or worse, missed an entire page? What if I dropped the book? It was like I was in school all over again! I was experiencing some of the same worries my kids have on a daily basis.

     After reading to the class, my daughter cried and did not want me to leave. She missed me! I love the feeling of being missed by her and it made me wonder: do my kids really know how much worrying, crying, stressing, planning, struggling and hard work I put into being their mother and biggest supporter? My kids know they can count on having lunches packed, homework signed, dinner cooked, pictures ordered and school projects completed. Not to mention all of the field trips, awards ceremonies, class parties, girl scout groups, and cross country meets that we attend – we are there for it all!

    After much consideration it finally hit me…. all my hard work is starting to pay off. My kids miss me when I am gone, look to see if I am watching them cross the finish line, race off the bus to show me their final grades and light up with joy when I walk in their classroom. I have crossed one of the many hurdles of motherhood and finally won the gold medal of joy.

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    • Patty Simpson

      Written on

      I totally get what you are saying. With having 3 daughter’s if my own we are starting our new family chapters with them getting married and having their own children. Our love for ours kids will always known, we are here for them ♡♡


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