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    Stopping The Overwhelm

    Three years ago I decided to make a huge leap of faith and go to school to get my real estate license. I was working a full time job, but wanted to have something that I could do on nights and weekends. We didn’t have any kids at the time and I felt like I had extra time that I could invest into something, so off to school I went!  Shortly into my classes, I found out I was pregnant with our miracle baby. After passing my exam, I knew I would love this career. However, I loved being a mom even more. Based upon my conversations with other Realtors and perception of the industry, I couldn’t possibly divide my time between both and still have time to spend with my family.

    I had always found my fulfillment in my career. I loved working and in my mind in order to be successful that required me to be all in. Work harder, work more, be the first one in and the last one out.  For many years, I was able to do this without skipping beat and actually enjoyed it! However, after having my first daughter, my entire life changed. Along with my life change, I was finding that my mindset was shifting along with it. I loved being a mom and I began to realize that my identity and fulfillment didn’t come from a job or career.  Going back to work was difficult but I was still able to juggle my new work/mom life. When our first daughter was 6 months old, we found out we were pregnant again. Though thoroughly excited, it was a shock for us! Going back to work after baby 2 was difficult. This is when the reality began of how hard it is to keep all the plates in the air and still be a sane human being.

    Having two kids magnified everything. I tried to keep up with the stigma of a dedicated and successful employee, however I woke up every single day feeling consistently defeated, inadequate and deflated. I was doing a lot but felt like I wasn’t doing anything great. If I wasn’t physically in the office, I was mentally exhausted worried I wasn’t working enough after hours or responding to emails fast enough at night.  Feeling guilty when I “had” to leave on time or “had” to take the kids to something as simple as a 6 month checkup. After getting off work, I juggled emails and phone calls and the guilty feeling of not being present at work all while trying to be present with my two kids that were 16 months apart. Mom shame haunted me day and night. I felt like I wasn’t physically there for them during the day and mentally I wasn’t there at night. It was a constant struggle. A struggle of being all in at work and all in as a mom and all in as a wife. I was exhausted. Although I was spread thin, I thought this is what life as a working mom was supposed to be like.

    Fast forward to last October when I was introduced to The Paxton Group. That conversation with Todd Paxton changed my entire view of the Real Estate industry as well as what a “job” should/could be. I have been with The Paxton Group for 100 days now and I am continually amazed at how well our team works and how much we get accomplished on a daily basis. I’m amazed at how they embrace working moms and instead of looking at us as a burden.

    Not only is putting your family first important, it is actually encouraged and a motto that we live by on a daily basis. Being a working mom and having the freedom and encouragement to be involved with my kids lives is so important. There is something amazing that I’ve come to understand, YOU CAN DO BOTH! You can be a mom and you can be a hardworking employee at the exact same time. Having leadership that helps me continually learn my work/family balance and push me to accomplish goals is so empowering. Our team feels like family and just like a family, we are always holding each other accountable and are supportive of one another. We consistently have our best interests at heart. I’ve learned what it really means to have a true team. The investment in education and training that The Paxton Group provides is way above and beyond any company that I have seen and it shows outwardly because of it. They are passionate about their employees and passionate about our success.

    Making this career switch was scary, but the transition has allowed me to stop my “overwhelm” and I love what I do every single day. I love getting to help families through a such an exciting time in their lives and making the process as easy as possible.

    Thank you Paxton Group Team for teaching me and supporting me in this transition. Thank you for creating a thriving and fun work environment…here’s to the first of many more 100 days!

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