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    Solar Eclipse 2017!

    This past Monday, August 21st, the solar eclipse took place and had many people across the United States excited! The weeks leading up to the eclipse you could hardly go anywhere without seeing some sort of article about the solar eclipse, glasses, pictures, or someone was striking up a conversation about it. The solar eclipse was definitely a hot topic and as everyone had been saying, “a once in a lifetime chance.”

    The Paxton Group and other teams/agents at Keller Williams were lucky enough to have glasses provided by Kemp Title Agency. Here in New Albany, Indiana the eclipse began at 12:59pm and ended at 3:51pm. About 5 minutes past 12:59pm you could see people starting to wonder outside with their glasses. Once one person was outside it was like the cue everyone needed to go outside and look at the eclipse. At first it seemed as if it was a normal day then slowly it started to get darker and everyone was outside in the parking lot pointing up in the sky! It was awesome and surreal seeing the different stages of the eclipse.

    The office celebrated with an eclipse party! There were sun chips, starbursts, sunkist, donuts, oreos, and eclipse gum! There was definitely pun intended with all of the snacks! People were putting their glasses over their phones and taking pictures of the eclipse which worked out pretty well and allowed them to document the eclipse.

    Although we did not experience 100% and only experienced 95.74% of the total eclipse you could still see darkness casting over us and everything just felt different around us! There really is no way to explain how it felt.

    Some people are coming out saying how they feel like the eclipse caused a shift in their life. So if you’re feeling different whether it is a burst of energy you have, exhaustion, or you suddenly have the courage to make changes in your life, it may be because of the eclipse!

    According to WHAS11 News we are set to experience a total solar eclipse in 2024! Hopefully this time we will experience 100% totality here in New Albany, IN! Everyone save your glasses and get ready, only seven more years until we experience this amazing sight in the sky again!

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