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    Self Talk and Why It’s Important

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been running an experiment. I’ve been talking to myself. Well, let’s be honest… I’ve always been talking to myself… but I’ve been changing the way I’ve been talking to myself.

    I recently jumped on the Rachel Hollis train. How could I not? That girl’s wisdom is next level. The one thing she talks about that keeps rolling over and over in my mind is that I need to give myself some credit. How often do we lay in bed at night and think about our failures and mistakes? What if instead, we laid in bed and told ourselves how great our marketing campaign is working, or how nice our hair looked? Would you sleep better? Would you start your morning off on the right side of the bed?

    Well, I did just this. The past 7 days I started talking just a little nicer to Sara. I spent my mornings listening to my favorite songs and podcasts and hyping myself up a bit. I spent my nights reading good brain food and writing lists of all my dreams. You know what? It worked! I won’t say by day 1 I was already feeling much better, but day 2 was amazing! I felt like getting up and making my hair pretty. I felt like making new ideas and working on my old ones. Why? Because I made myself feel like I deserved it! Because I do!

    You know that saying, you are what you eat? Well, you are also what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself everyday that you’re going to do horrible and that your house is always going to be messy… well guess what… it will probably come true. But, if you wake up and tell yourself you’re going to own this day. You’re going to grow and learn and look fierce doing it… then mostly likely you will!

    Alison spoke about a really good exercise the other day that was very thought provoking. Think of all the negative things you say to yourself in a day, then imagine saying them to someone you care about.

    How different would that make you feel? Sure, we all have bad days. But I challenge you to take that bad day and try to flip it. Let’s talk to ourselves just a little bit nicer… after all, we deserve it.

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