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    Red Day?? What exactly is Red Day?

    I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Mother Teresa

    If you’re friends with any Keller Williams agent, you probably noticed some FaceBook posts last Thursday. When I say any Keller Williams agent, I really mean any! From Seattle Washington, to Costa Rica, to London England, we have 140,000 agents all over the world!

    Every May 12th Keller Williams agents worldwide stop what they’re doing to give back where they live. All offices are shut down for a day of service. Imagine having an army of 140,000 people coming together to give back to their local communities! And every year I look forward to coming home to see what all of our friends over the world have accomplished! I can tell you, we get a lot done! Just do me a favor and search any social media site for #KWRedDay or #GiveWhereYouLive. You’ll be amazed!

    This year, our market center decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter, J.B. Ogle. When it was announced a few months ago that we would be spending our time there, I was beyond excited! I absolutely love animals, especially dogs! So for me there couldn’t have been a better place to volunteer. We spent our day cleaning out kennels and litter boxes, washing all of the towels and blankets, filling Kongs with peanut butter, planting new landscaping, and so much more.

    The most rewarding part of the day was to see all those innocent animals have joy brought to their day. I was lucky enough to witness that joy with 4-5 dogs as we walked around the fenced area, rolled in the grass and got the chance to play after their kennels had be scrubbed down. To say I got a lot of puppy kisses is the biggest understatement of the year!

    I can’t even begin to thank the people that volunteer at shelters. They work their butts off to give those precious animals not only second chances at finding their forever homes, but helping some animals find their families that have unfortunately lost them. As we were packing up to leave, an elderly man had loaded a cat into his truck. As he drove past, I waved and smiled. He rolled down his window and said “They found my baby!” That alone made my day!

    And to make a great day even better, one of our own agents fell in love with Dixon. Dixon is a Pittie mix (we think with Boxer) that got to go to his forever home!! One of the pictures above is that of Dixon with one of his new family members. If that doesn’t make your heart happy, I don’t know what will. 🙂

    If you’ve ever thought about volunteering or would like to learn about adoptable pets, please visit J.B. Ogle at

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