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    Picking The Perfect Agent

    Sometimes when it comes to making life changing decisions we struggle with the process of making those decisions. One of the first steps to buying or selling a home is making the choice of using a real estate agent or not and if you decide to go that route there are many agents out there you can use. So how do you decide on who to use as your agent? Do you go to google and type in real estate agents? Do you drive around and call the number on the sign you see at a home you are interested in? Everyone is probably guilty of partaking in both of these options. I know before I started working for a real estate company real estate agents were not at the top of my mind and when I would look at homes I never actually thought who my agent would be. I personally thought you just use the agent that was listing the home you want to buy. Boy was I so wrong about this! YOU get to PICK your agent!

    One of the best parts of having an agent is they do the work for you… yes you read that correctly. By deciding to buy or sell with an agent means they do all the work. Something I noticed quickly while working at The Paxton Group is how agents have buyer consultations and I had the opportunity to sit in on one with one of our lovely agents. During the consultation not only was the client learning but so was I. I was new to the real estate world and honestly did not know how any of it worked. All I knew was how to market and advertise and I knew I needed to become knowledgable in real estate to do my career to the best of my ability. After sitting in on a consultation I started asking questions and researching other companies and I quickly learned not many agents actually take the time to set up a buyers consultation with clients.

    Why are buyer consultations important? This is the time you get the opportunity to meet your potential agent. During this time you give the agent a list of everything you are looking for in a home and it is the agents responsibility to take that information and run with it. You are putting the vision of the home of your dreams in their hands to find for you! This can be a lot of pressure but if you find the right agent it will be a fun process and not a stressful one.

    Another way to choose the perfect agent is finding an agent who understands your wants and needs. If an agent is blowing off everything you have told them you want and keeps showing you homes without anything you are looking for it is a sign the agent is not taking your wants and needs into consideration. Having a down to earth agent who works hard and can envision what you are wanting is important.

    Often time people who are in sales are stereotyped into a group. I know before I started working for The Paxton Group I was one of those people who thought the worst. I thought people in sales were out to get people’s money and did not have their best interest in mind. One tip I can give to people who think this way is to research before you judge. As far as The Paxton Group goes we have a mission, a vision, values, and beliefs.

    Our mission is to provide the best client-focused service in real estate and proactively help families improve their lives with positivity, honesty, timeliness, and fun. 

    Using an agent who follows their company mission, vision, and beliefs is an indicator they have integrity and will have the best interest at heart for you.

    If you are on the hunt for a real estate agent or know someone who is then check out The Paxton Group! Maybe I am biased… but I think we are the best choice in Southern Indiana 😉

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