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    I have officially been with The Paxton Group for a little over a month now and I can honestly say it is nothing I ever imagined it would be. While I was sitting in a classroom last spring day dreaming about my future career after graduation I was excited but nervous because every adult told me I would hate my first job. One thing I can assure you of… I love my career. Everything every adult ever told me about life after college was so wrong. I love waking up in the morning and going to work, I love my team I work with, my boss is not the devil, and I am not treated differently because I am the newbie on the team!

    Although I am young and still have much to learn about real estate I can say I came into this career a little blind on what the real estate world was all about. In my first couple of days I asked a lot of questions, did a lot of observing, and dove in head first. It is my role to market to clients and in order to do so I had to understand what the team was doing and why. I quickly learned The Paxton Group truly cares about their clients. It was obvious to me in such as short amount of time how lucky I was to have this position and work with such kind, caring people with integrity and a passion for their career. There were and still are so many times where I ask everyone a million questions because I am still learning but not once do they ever get frustrated with me.

    Just today, actually, Todd asked me if I was liking my position and the work I was doing. I proceeded to explain to him how much I love it but how shocked I am to see how much this career has impacted my personal life. I do not know one person in my life who has a career where their boss and coworkers invest so much time into them. Kristin and Todd have truly made a difference in just this short amount of time on decisions I have made and now the decisions I will continue to make. They have pushed me to get uncomfortable and step out of my comfort zone. To clarify that up, I am extremely comfortable with the work I do everyday! They have pushed me in my personal life to achieve the goals I want to pursue. Sometimes it is easy to excel in something you’re great at and everyone thinks you have it all together because of how awesome you do at something. I am blessed to work with a team who wants to make sure I am always pushing for the bigger picture of where I want to be in life and they are not just focused on if I am getting my work finished.

    The Paxton Group truly is a family and although I have been here for a short amount of time I already feel like I have been a part of this family forever. I know so many adults who are unhappy with their career and feel like they have no way out. I know I am young and I know that I do NOT know everything but I can assure you the adults who complain about working and how much they hate their job should make a change. There are careers out there that will support you and better you in every way possible. There are people who will be your boss but they definitely will not act like they are entitled because they are the boss.

    I am blessed I decided to introduce myself to Todd at a Pi Kappa Alpha Founder’s Day and I thank God he saw something in me that night. Our conversation led to a phone call, multiple interviews, then led me to this career, which is why I am sitting here right now typing this blog post. I am lucky to have found a career at 22 years old, right after college, that I am passionate about and pushes me to be the best version of myself in every way possible.

    I already can feel how my outlook has changed since the day I started working here. I have chosen to make changes and follow my goals to lead me to the full potential of happiness I strive for in life. As I type this I cannot help but smile because I know my team and my career are pretty awesome!


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