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    My Biggest Little Supporters

    April Family

    As a mother, I know my children are watching my every move.  I want them all to grow up to be the best they can be and to fulfill their dreams. It recently occurred to me that my kids are watching me fulfill my dream of becoming a Realtor. They have watched me work tirelessly – spending my nights reading books and studying for my exam – all while maintaining a full-time job.  And best of all, they saw the pure excitement when I passed my test. I DID IT… and my children got to see all my hard work pay off!

    Most of us think our children’s role models are public or fictional figures like Cinderella, Batman, John Cena, etc. I never thought that I would be their role model of choice.  How cool is it that my children are getting to watch first hand and see that what you focus on expands. Just when I thought I was going through it all alone, I realized my biggest little supporters were rooting for me the whole time and gaining life experience along with me.

    I am an extremely proud parent and never stopped to  think that my children are just as proud of me as I am of them. Seriously, how cute is it to walk in the room and hear your children pretending to be you? I think it just might be the best feeling in the world to hear my children say, “MOM I want to be just like you when I grow up.” All along I thought I was just fulfilling my dream; it turns out, I’m fulfilling their dreams as well!

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