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Making a House a Home

In July my husband, myself, three dogs and two cats made the long journey half a mile down the road to our new home! My husband and I moved to Henryville, Indiana in November of 2013. Three homes later and we still haven’t left.

Our first home was an apartment behind the fire station. It was up on a hill that was completely undrivable during snow. We had two bedrooms, one puppy and 500 square feet. A little over a year after moving into our apartment I told my husband it was time for us to finally buy a home. It had been a goal of mine for as long as I could remember, and the 500 square feet just wasn’t working for us. We knew we wanted more furbabies and would also like to be able to actually cook in our kitchen. So we went house hunting

Our second home was a three bed, two bath home in a subdivision just one street over from our apartment. The move was cheap! I think we spent only $10 in gas moving in. Here we added two more dogs, and two cats. I know, I know.. We have a zoo. This house really felt like home. It was small, and wasn’t somewhere we could fit all of our siblings in at once.. But it worked! When we moved in, it had red & brown walls, white carpet and the AC didn’t work. What a summer! In May of 2018 I had a Realtor comp my house. The market was hot and I knew we needed more space. I went home to my husband the night after my Realtor meeting and let him know we were putting our house on the market in two weeks. He thought I was nuts but trusted me! Two weeks later, our house was listed and sold in 3 days.

Our third home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on half an acre back in the woods. We hadn’t found a new home yet after our house went pending, so it was pretty stressful! We were determined to move to New Albany and spent the weekend touring open houses and scheduling showings with our Realtor. I work in real estate every single day so I knew everything would be fine, but my husband was definitely stressed. He came to me that night and told me that we should look in Henryville. We had been there for awhile and knew we loved it. Why leave? I agreed to at least look and scheduled a showing for that Monday at a home two streets over. Wouldn’t you know it? We fell in love. Now we live in a home that we can easily fit our entire family in. Our puppies have space to run and we finally feel like all of our boxes are checked and we’ve found a home that will grow with us.

Your home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. This is where you will make some of your best memories. You never know where life will take you!

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