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    Losing weight this past year




    Every week at The Paxton Group we hold each other accountable for one personal goal. A couple weeks ago, I wanted to lose 5 pounds before the meeting the following week. If I did not, my consequence was NO COFFEE for a week!!

    The goal was a stretch considering I’m not currently working out. It was simple… pay attention to what I eat and portion control.
    I missed it by less than 1 pound!!

    I went the entire next year, I mean week, with out coffee!!
    That week was the hardest year of my life!!


    It reminds me of just over a year ago when we had over 12​65​ homes available for sale in Southern Indiana.

    Currently we only have 7​60 homes for sale in all of Southern Indiana!​ ​That means for every 10 houses available then, now there are only 6, a 40% decrease in listing inventory.

    ​We definitely ​have seen the market “lose weight” over the last year.

    Available homes to purchase is at a historic low, multiple offers left and right, homes that you never thought would sell are actually selling, and what appeared to be overpriced homes actually selling for asking price and even much more.

    The market needs your house on it!
    The specialists​ at The Paxton Group, that I have the pleasure of working with, have strategies in place to help you when you want to move, maybe upsize, down size, or right size. Even if you are relocating we can help you move anywhere in the country.

    Please consider making a move before the interest rates continue to rise.
    Oh, by the way it doesn’t look like the prices are going to stay where they are as values continue to trend upward.

    This continual rise in values along with virtually guaranteed higher interest rates later this year means less affordability for you.
    The home of your dreams will be more expensive to afford later than it is now.

    In this time of market contraction, you can have multiple offers and your coffee too!



    Todd Paxton



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