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    Keeping it Positive!

    I hate feeling “blue”. When the negativity monster takes over, I am completely out of my comfort zone. I want to share with you some of my tips to keep it positive!


    **Disclaimer** I want to preface this by saying that no one is going to feel 100% tip top shape every single day. We are human beings. We get tired, we get moody.. Some of us get hangry. That’s a part of life. But, if you find yourself constantly finding the negatives in life, this list of tips can help!


    1. Find Something to Be Grateful for: Every single morning I text my mother in law something I am grateful for. Sometimes it’s as big as being grateful for my husband, and sometimes it’s something small like having a warm bed. No matter what you feel is “missing” in your life, taking some time to be grateful for what you DO have can help make your day a little better!

    2. If it Makes you Feel Bad, Don’t do the Thing: Sometimes we can’t avoid stress. It stinks, I know. But, sometimes we can. If you have something in your life that stresses you out and makes you feel bad that you can avoid, do that! For instance, I HATE being late. Being late stresses me out and makes me angry. So, I always leave way too early for things. Sometimes that means I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but you can bet your boots I’m not late!

    3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others: I’m awful about this. I’m constantly comparing myself to others and it’s something I definitely have to be conscious about. I always choose the WORST people to compare myself to also. It’s never like the girl down the street, it’s normally like Einstein or Steve Jobs. So yeah, compared to them I’m behind a bit. Every time I feel my mind wandering down that rabbit hole I have to pull myself out. Something I did to help myself is to compare myself to my idea of a great life, instead of great lives that others are living. Just make yourself proud! That’s what is important.

    4. State Breaks: So this is something I learned from Tony Robbins. Basically, when you’re having negative thoughts, it’s very easy to spiral and make yourself even more upset. Instead, you need to break your negative state of mind. My trick is to fake smile. I will sit in my car and smile like a goober and eventually, I will start to really smile. Mostly because I look ridiculous! But it works! I also have a friend I can call and tell him that I’m doing a state break and we just chat. It always helps. Our last conversation was me trying to help him pick out a flavor of Doritos to buy.. But it was a fun conversation that helped me get out of my negative headspace.

    5. Find Something That Makes you Joyful: There is something in this world that no matter what, makes you smile. What is it? For me this is forcing my husband to dance to Michael Buble in the kitchen, Adam Sandler, David Dobrik Vlogs, talking to my parents and puppy snuggles. Even at my worst, those things will ALWAYS make me smile. So I go do those things!

    Life can be hard, and it’s okay to have bad days… but I hope that you have more good than bad! Life is also really really great.

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