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    I’m ready to sell my home! Is my home ready to sell?

    Sometimes it is easy to jump the gun when you are eager for what is coming your way. Especially if you are wanting to sell your home and move into the home of your dreams! In real estate something we often see is people wanting to sell their home but they usually have no idea what steps they need to take in order to make their home sell for the right price and in a timely manner. Have no fear the Paxton Group is here! We have insight on what buyers want to see when they are looking to buy a home. Check out this awesome list of helpful tips when it comes to preparing your home to sell in this crazy market.


    1. De-Clutter! Yes, you heard that correctly. This is something sellers typically dread but it helps you in the long run to prepare for the big move. When you de-clutter your home rooms start to look bigger, buyers can picture their belongings in the home, and they are not overwhelmed by all the stuff everywhere. Investing in a storage unit for the time being can help with storing all the clutter.
    2. Entry way! Nobody wants to walk up to a home that looks uninviting. Adding a welcome mat in the entrance way of your home makes home buyers feel welcome. Landscaping can go a long way even if it means adding some flowers in a flower pot by the door. It is proven that the scent of flowers help increase people’s mood and give them a sense of calmness. If you are feeling extra eager to sell your home painting your front door does not cost much and can even help with making the entry way look welcoming.
    3. Organize! If you are the type of person who throws everything in a drawer or a closet this is for you. Whenever buyers are looking to buy a home they will open drawers and closet doors. They are potentially going to buy your home so they want to see what they are working with. Organizing closets and drawers make the space look bigger and like there is more room to store their belongings.
    4. New paint! If you love colors and every room in your house is bright and fun you might want to consider painting rooms a more neutral color. This helps buyers envision their belongings in the home with a more neutral tone. Not everybody loves teal or bright orange but we are not judging you if you do!
    5. Freshen up! If you are an animal lover and your animals are inside pets it is always good to freshen up. Putting away the dog food bowls, all the toys, the cat litter box, or whatever else may be around the house will help. Cleaning the carpets, using air freshener, and even lighting candles will help your home seem fresh and new. Nobody wants to walk in a home they are potentially buying and smell like they are surrounded by dirty animals.
    6. Repairs! If you know something is broken you should go ahead and take care of the issue. If a buyer loves your home but your bedroom door is broke they are going to ask you to fix it before they put an offer on the house and move in. Taking care of repairs can help the home appraise for more as well.
    7. Renovate! According to National Association of Realtors, the top five renovations that appeal to buyers are kitchen upgrades, a complete kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, new wood flooring, and adding a new bathroom. As far as exterior renovations that attract buyers, Nation Association of Realtors says new roofing, new vinyl windows, a new garage door, new vinyl siding, and new wood windows is what buyers want.
    8. Pictures! Here at The Paxton Group all pictures are scheduled by our executive assistant. Pictures are usually back within 24 hours and we can have your home on the market as soon as we have the pictures. Before taking pictures make sure all renovations, organizing, de-cluttering, and cleaning is complete. Making sure the refrigerator is cleared off, the kitchen counters, pictures are put away, and anything else laying around is put away. At The Paxton Group we provide a list to our sellers of what they need to make sure is finished before pictures are taken.

    Some of the steps to selling your home are a lot of work but are definitely worth it in the long run. Small fixes can go a long way and make your home sell for more than your asking price. Before deciding on a home it is best to make sure your home is prepared to put on the market first. If you go through these steps first we guarantee you and your family will be happier. If you decide you are ready to sell your home check out We would love to help you sell your home and help you buy the home of your dreams!

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