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    “I’m Pregnant.”


    There are many different reactions and emotions that go in hand with those two simple words. Whether you’re a woman saying it to yourself the first time you see that positive test, or a man getting the news from your significant other. 
    Whether it wasn’t planned or you’ve been trying for years, those two words will change your life forever. Let’s face it, they will change the lives of everyone around you.

    This past June, David and I closed on our dream property and put our house on the market to sell. We knew we’d be moving in with my mom and step-father for about a year while we saved up some money and started building. Two weeks before closing on the house, we found out that baby Ulrich was on her way whether we thought we we’re ready or not!

    Then came the fun part: telling everyone and seeing their priceless reactions. We got overwhelming delight from some, and complete shock from others. We had tears of joy, and screams of excitement. Everyone reacted differently to our big news.

    Then came the big one. The one that most moms-to-be dread and typically put off for as long as possible. Your boss.

    As an employee, I think it’s engrained to fear what your boss is going to think or say when they hear the big news. Many bosses think of all the negativity that comes from the words “I’m pregnant.” The possibility that the mom-to-be may miss a lot of work due to being sick or going to doctor’s appointments, and the weeks off most women take for maternity leave. Don’t even get them started on the possibility that the mom-to-be may not want to come back to work after said maternity leave because of child care expenses.

    But unlike most employees, I don’t have the typical “boss.” As many of you may know, our TPG family is exactly that…a family. When I pulled Chris and Todd aside to fill them in on the big news there was no negativity in sight. It was complete happiness. It was hugs and smiles all around! Todd even made the offer for baby Ulrich to come to work with me once I’m off maternity leave. That’s unheard of with most bosses, but not mine. A member of his work family is expanding their personal one, and he couldn’t be happier.

    The best realization ever is knowing that Eleanor Jayne will not only be joining the Ulrich household; she’ll be joining the TPG family.

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