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Hamburgers and Real Estate




WHAT? McDonalds is not really a hamburger business???

We all probably know it well, maybe raised on it, heck we may even still eat that stuff they pass off as food. The Golden Arches of McDonalds!! So, are they mainly in the burger and milkshake business?

Make no mistake, McDonalds is a REAL ESTATE company cleverly disguised as a provider of hamburgers and milkshakes.

Walgreens? Yep, REAL ESTATE.

These giants always seem to have the prime location for their stores and spend millions in R&D for the best spots. Many experts say they are in the REAL ESTATE business first

Sneaky, Huh?

Similar to these familiar sights on our daily commute is Keller Williams. Keller Williams has over 130,000 agents across the world and is known as the #1 Real Estate company on Earth.

The interesting fact is that KW is actually a TRAINING and CONSULTING company that happens to be in the real estate brokerage business. Year over year KW is ranked #1 in training by the smart folks who rank those sort of stats

A client recently texted me, “Why do you train so much? Don’t you know your stuff by now?” I intend on living to be 120 years old (see next blog) and will be a student for life.  I intend to always stay in curiosity and remain eager to learn a better, more efficient way.

The Paxton Group has helped a lot of families move in the Southern Indiana area through the years and is actually a Customer Service/ Concierge Company that happens to be in the real estate business. We want to be considered the concierge service for all things real estate related. If its buying, selling, investing, renting, refinancing, timbering, farming, flipping, “landlording” (made up a word just for this blog!), remodeling, needing a contact for paint, floor, landscape, repairs, anything regarding real estate, we want to be the source you trust for every one you know when it involves real estate.

2 all beef patties………

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