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    Good Is Not Good Enough



    This past week, The Paxton Group had the unparalleled opportunity to travel to New Orleans for Keller Williams’ annual Family Reunion. Every year, the best and brightest at KW converge to share their knowledge. Two weeks prior to the event, we held a team meeting to look over the rigorous class schedule and decide what classes each of us were interested in. One of the major benefits to having a team at Family Reunion is the ability to basically go to multiple classes at the same time (Todd goes to one, I go to another, etc.). After the sessions were done each day, we’d compare notes and our major takeaways.

    There was so much that each of us learned that it would be impossible to include in one blog post. But I would say that we decided that our main focus this year should be customer service. You hear the sayings all the time: “The customer is always right” and “The customer comes first”, just to name a few . We know this and we do a good job. But we’ve decided that good is not good enough. We want to treat our customers so well that they truly feel how special they are to us. We want to go above and beyond in our service that they feel like they can call us with any questions–before, during and after we’ve helped them with their home–whether the questions are real estate related, or they just want to know where to eat some good BBQ in town. We want them to love us so much that they just want to spend time with us!

    After all, isn’t this exactly what our purpose is? We help people buy and sell real estate, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s the first Christmas in a new home. It’s grandparents selling their home so they can move in with their kids and spend time with their grandchildren. It’s the newborn baby in the nursery. It’s the dogs running in their first backyard. In a nutshell, it’s the pursuit of a dream. It’s our great honor to help anybody in that pursuit, and this year? The Paxton Group is focusing on what the world calls our ‘customers’, but we call our family.

    Thank you so much to all of our past and current Paxton Group family and we can’t wait to spend time with you this year! And a HUGE welcome to all of the NEW family members this year!

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    Jessica Bullock

    Jessica Bullock joined The Paxton Group in 2014 as our Marketing Director. She handles everything that has to do with marketing your home—from managing our client database to posting to our social media accounts. Jessica lives in Clarksville with her husband, Ryan, and their two dogs (Annabel Lee and Atticus Finch). She graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a double major in Finance and Marketing. After years of working in the strict world of retail and management, she decided to pursue something a little closer to her educational background (and a lot more fun!). She enjoys music (both playing and listening), movies (horror mostly), and hanging out with her family.

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