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    Giving Back & Showing Gratitude

    Although we should be showing gratitude and thanks all year… November is the month of Thanksgiving where people tend to show more gratitude and get in the holiday spirit. November is the reminder of why we should be thankful and I honestly believe it makes us think deeply about what is truly important! The holiday season is definitely the season of giving. There are so many opportunities during this time of year to show gratitude within the community and give back. Here are some options on how to give back and show your gratitude:

    1. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen/homeless shelter serving warm meals to those in need.
    2. Donate coats, gloves, scarves, and hats to shelters. A lot of people are in need of warm clothing during the winter time.
    3. Donate to toys for tots!
    4. Donate can goods to local food drives for Thanksgiving meal preparations for shelters/families in need.
    5. Perform one act of random kindness everyday.
    6. Send the military supplies/shoe boxes full of supplies.
    7. Send shoe boxes full of  supplies to third world countries.
    8. Participate in charity walks/5ks.
    9. Angel tree during the Christmas season.
    10. Volunteering for the salvation army.
    11. Writing random notes for family members and sending handwritten cards in the mail telling what you appreciate about that person.
    12. Saying as a family what you’re grateful for everyday.

    There are many programs and charities everyone can become a part of. Starting small with your family is a perfect way to show your gratitude. If you prefer to do something bigger then looking into non-profits in your local community is a good way to start finding local opportunities to show gratitude and giving back in your community! Searching opportunities on the internet is a start as well. Make sure before donating money online you read and do your research. Unfortunately there are scammers out there and you want to make sure you’re donating to a trustworthy, reliable charity.  If you’re looking to give back reach out to people in your community and see what they are doing to give back as well! This can help give you ideas on different opportunities for giving back and showing gratitude!


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