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    Give Back To Education Program

    Starting August of this year we started our Give Back to Education Program here at The Paxton Group. This program gives our clients the choice of a local school, sports team, or club to donate a percentage of our teams commission to after a closing! So far we have donated to over 32 different schools and donated over $5,000!

    Some of the schools have bought new school supplies, weights for the schools weight room, equipment needed for sports, and supplies for the special needs programs! These are only some of the things we have been told about. The donation can make a huge difference and can be as specific as donating to a particular teacher! Giving back to our local schools not only helps the children but it also gives value to our local schools ensuring value of property and homes!

    Giving back to our local schools is important to us and we make this available to our clients buying or selling Real Estate! We do all the work so all our clients have to do is tell us where they want the money to go! We cannot wait to see how much money has been donated to our local schools a year from now! To learn more about our Give Back to Education Program call The Paxton Group at 812-206-7230!



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