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Fall Into Your Dream Home This Fall

It’s officially September and Fall is approaching quickly! When thinking of buying and selling in the Fall many people have their reservations. As most people know Spring and Summer is when the market is hot but that shouldn’t stop you from buying and selling right now!

Buyers are more serious in the Fall about buying a home. With the holidays approaching typically your fall buyers are willing to get in and make a deal for the right home. They want to get settled in their new home before the holiday season and they usually will pay asking price due to wanting and needing to get in a new home.

Sellers are more likely to reduce the price of the home if it was on the market in the summer and didn’t sell. When buyers are patient they can find the perfect house for the perfect price. Sellers typically get worn out and want to sell their home rather than waiting for spring when the market gets hot again!

The competition in the Fall is not as bad because people consider the Fall the real estate off season. What does this mean for you? This means as a buyer you have more options because you are not competing with as many people. As a seller this means someone looking for a house is more than likely to come across yours and be more serious about their offer.

Typically whenever people buy a new home they buy new furniture and appliances to furnish the home. Fall is when stores have all their huge sales as they are trying to get rid of items for the next upcoming season. Buyers can take advantage of this and save money furnishing their home if they buy in the fall!

If you are interested in buying and selling or know anyone who is please contact The Paxton Group today! We are eager to help your dream’s come true this Fall and get you in the home of your dream’s!

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Featured Image by: David A. Land

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