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    Empowered Women Empower Women

    I look at that saying everyday on a notebook that was recently given to me, at Onward Coaching & Consulting’s first Lead Out Loud event. There were 30+ women from many different industries there to share their experiences, some of which were truly inspiring! We even had a woman there to cover the event for the News and Tribune!

    (Feel free to check out the article she wrote here.)

    Each woman took away something slightly different than the rest, as everyone one of us is in a different situation or stage of life than the next.

    My biggest take away was how to raise an empowered woman and even how to raise a son to respect and encourage women to be empowered. As most of you know, my daughter, Eleanor just turned two, and we have a son on the way. As a young adult, I always knew I wanted children, however I never knew how HARD it would be! Now that Eleanor is developing her voice and opinions, I constantly question myself on if I’m empowering her in the correct ways. Am I being the role model she needs and deserves? Am I speaking to her in positive ways?

    When I first had Eleanor, Alison shared an awesome TED talk with me. (You can watch it here if you’d like!) It’s all about how we talk to our daughters and how it differs from how to talk to our sons, how we should instill bravery and adventure in our daughters just like we do our sons. I never once actually took the time to think about the fact that there is a big difference in the way society speaks to girls and boys! I made a decision right there that I’d be more aware of how and what I say to her. My husband and I actually had a conversation today regarding women doing everything a man can do. He threw a few examples at me of what he thinks a woman shouldn’t be doing, which I immediately shot down as false, and then I asked him a question he’s never been asked before. “Will you ever look at Eleanor and say to her ‘You can’t do that. You’re a woman.’?” He of course said no immediately, however I don’t think he’s ever looked at it that way. Unfortunately, I think a lot of our society has never looked at women empowerment seriously and in a real world application.

    Being part of the Lead Out Loud initiative with Onward Coaching & Consulting has already expanded my mind, as well as my husbands. Imagine what we women can do if we had those conversations daily with both men and other women?

    I’ll leave you with an excellent commercial that was on during super bowl this year. It is truly inspiring! Women empowerment is a big deal, and I’m thankful that I have so many empowered women around me daily. (Watch the commercial here!)

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