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    Breaking out of Schedule Prison



    Every week, The Paxton Group begins our team meetings with gratitudes. I’ll be honest: it’s not easy for me to share these. This is certainly not a result of me having nothing to be thankful for; rather, it can sometimes be challenging for me to share something I am truly thankful for with anyone other than my immediate family (because it tends to be very personal). However, I have one thing especially that I am consistently thankful for when it comes to my position on the team. And that is schedule flexibility.

    The staff works a pretty typical week for the most part: 8-5 Monday-Friday (with Kristin working some on the weekends as well). I come from a retail background and am used to strict schedules and almost no weekends off. When I joined the team, weekends off had a hugely positive impact for me. That was just the beginning of my love for this career change!

    Those who know me well know that I am hugely passionate about music, both listening and playing. I’ve been playing piano for about 15 years now (could be more, I haven’t really been keeping count) and I’ve always tried to be involved with it in my life in one way or another. With my previous retail schedule, I couldn’t really commit to playing for special events or churches because most of those events fell on weekends. With my Paxton Group schedule, I am able to play for church services on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings and book weddings and other special events. In addition, I’ve had some music opportunities come up during the week, and I have been able to leave in the middle of the day and come back to work!

    And it’s not just music that I’ve been able to “fit in” my schedule. I’ve also been able to take extended lunches just to spend time with family (including my older brother who has been visiting from Rwanda, Africa) and even have left early to spend some quality time with my husband (who is still on that difficult retail schedule). It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Just a few changes, but it makes all the difference in the world to me. I am infinitely happier being able to pursue my first love (music) and spend extra time with my other loves (family and friends). That is worth more to me than getting paid an exorbitant amount of money (though a private plane would be nice!). Having now had a taste of this flexibility, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that I wouldn’t trade it without a fight!

    For those not sure of pursuing a career in Real Estate: just because you may not want to be an agent doesn’t mean that you can’t find a position in the industry. There are many agents who need staff members such as Marketing Directors, Transaction Coordinators, Listing Coordinators, Executive Assistants and more. Our team is actively searching for people to fill some of these staff positions right now (we are always looking for agents as well). If you or someone you know may be interested, have them call us at 502-208-8759 or email I can promise you that it will change your life!

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    Jessica Bullock

    Jessica Bullock joined The Paxton Group in 2014 as our Marketing Director. She handles everything that has to do with marketing your home—from managing our client database to posting to our social media accounts. Jessica lives in Clarksville with her husband, Ryan, and their two dogs (Annabel Lee and Atticus Finch). She graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a double major in Finance and Marketing. After years of working in the strict world of retail and management, she decided to pursue something a little closer to her educational background (and a lot more fun!). She enjoys music (both playing and listening), movies (horror mostly), and hanging out with her family.

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