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    Boat Day!

    Imagine this. It’s 7:30 in the morning and you are rolling into the office… but this is not your typical work day. You”re in a swimsuit and a cover up, no makeup, you have a cooler loaded down, and you totally forgot the sunscreen on the kitchen table.

    When I was sitting in a college classroom just months ago I would often times daydream about my future. During those last couple of months of college I was so ready to start my future and be finished with all the late night studying.  I can assure you while I was sitting in class I never imaged my future career would bring me things like, “boat day.” Luckily my career entails an awesome team and company culture. Last Friday, July 14th, the team met at the office at 7:30 a.m. and went out to Patoka Lake. Hence… “boat day.”

    The morning started off with doughnuts, diet coke, and of course people running late! After our hour long car ride when we arrived to the Marina you would have thought we were packing for an entire weekend out on the boat when really it was only for one day. We had a two story pontoon, with a grill, bathroom, and slide for the entire day. Our captain was boss man, Todd Paxton, and he definitely played the part well!


    The first half of the day was cloudy but the rain thankfully held off and the sun popped out after lunchtime. We jammed out to music while we swam and while (some) people jumped off the top of the boat. Yes, you read that correctly and no I was NOT one of the brave ones! Everyone kept talking about how wonderful the boat was, how relaxed they felt, and how it was a much needed day. I honestly cannot relate on that much needed feeling considering I have only been working full time for one whole month! Wooh… “adulting” is so hard. It was definitely nice to relax and wind down with my coworkers though.  The day for me was a little different because I feel like I am still getting to really know all the people I work with. I loved the fact that Anica and I bonded over our sweet puppies and decided we needed them to have a play date in the future. I also was able to catch up with my high school cheerleading coach, Amanda. It is so funny how life works out and now I work with the woman who molded me into the cheerleader I was and the leader I have become. Not to mention I really got to know all of my other coworkers on a deeper level as well. I think my favorite part of the day was when Todd told me how he met his wife because I am a sucker for happy ending love stories! The day was full of a lot of laughs, stories, snacking, swimming, and everyone got a sunburn!

    Some things I learned on boat day…

    1. Make sure the slide is wet before you try to slide down it… cough cough… Rachel!
    2. Kristin has no problem yelling over to strangers on a boat in hopes it is her dads friend.
    3. Mom suites are actually really cool.
    4. Todd does not like when people tell him he has a dad bod.
    5. Rachel and Alison can sleep just about anywhere… be nice to me because I have blackmail ladies!
    6. Nobody likes the music Chris plays…. sorry!
    7. Not applying sunscreen is NOT the way to a tan. It’s the way to a miserable weekend laying in bed with the worst sunburn ever.
    8. Todd doesn’t actually get an off day… he drove there and back, drove the boat, and cooked for us. As Alison would say “dad. dad. dad.” Thanks! We do appreciate you more than you probably realize.

    The most important part of the day though was how we all bonded and got to know each other better. I am a firm believer if we can understand the people around us it is easier to work with them and get stuff finished. As I am approaching my second month as the Marketing Director for The Paxton Group I am so thankful God led me to this career and this path in life. My career is way cooler than yours and if feel jealous while reading this then check out our career tab on our website!


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