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Be Where You Are

Do you remember that moment when you were so excited and grateful about your new job that you cried?

I’ve seen this so many times in our new agents. I have the challenge and honor of training The Paxton Group’s new agents, and the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my role is watching our agents become so excited that their eyes fill with tears. Sometimes it happens when they realize they can control their own schedule, when they pull off an impossible deal for a client, or when they save the day with a last-minute creative solution. Sometimes it happens when they get their first testimonial, or first thank-you present from a client. It happened yesterday for one of our newest agents who just secured her 8th deal in less than 100 Days, and it happened to be on a home that held a huge amount of sentimental value for her and her best friend.

I could say it’s difficult to convey what they look like when this happens, but it’s really not: Their posture changes and relaxes, then an infectious and completely organic smile grows on their face as a pride they’ve never experienced before swells up in their heart. They usually fold their hands and lean back with relief, and then there’s almost always this look upward as if they don’t know where this divine feeling originated or where it’s going. I’m convinced this is one of the fullest expressions of gratitude a person can display in a moment, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it at “work”.

And there’s something about being grateful like that… There’s a special, rare energy in gratitude. We begin every team meeting with gratitudes from each member because we know how crucial it is to our collective energy. This kind of thankfulness can fuel an entire family (read: team). It helps fund our lifestyle. It propels our business and fires up the tenacity we’re attracted to in our agents. If we could capture it, it could power the sun. We’re fortunate to witness this intangible excitement often, and we see it most in the uncontainable energy of our new agents.

In my last blog, I quoted Mark Twain so maybe I’ll reference his wisdom again… He said a person’s “life consists of his feelings and his interests, with here and there an incident apparently big or little to hang the feelings on.” We’re fortunate to be in a company and business where we have the fullest range of big and little incidents every single day, and where we can see our teammates hang their feelings on them with pride and deep, genuine gratitude. Wherever you are today, be there, and be thankful.

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