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    This past Monday as I drove to work it wasn’t my typical morning drive. Rather than going into the office I was driving out to Henryville for our work retreat. As I turned into Wooded Glen I instantly felt a rush of excitement and curiosity because this would be my first work retreat. It was absolutely beautiful an peaceful which was perfect for everyone’s mind to wonder and set our 2018 goals together!

    I honestly had no idea what to expect considering I had never done anything with a career like this before. We started off the morning with gratitudes. I never started my mornings like this before joining The Paxton Group but it truly makes a difference and sets the tone for the entire day. Hearing everyones personal and business gratitudes helps understand the people you work with in my opinion. It’s so awesome to hear the good things going on in their life and celebrate with them!

    Most of the morning was spent going over numbers and where we stand as a company. This helps everyone on the team understand where we used to be, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. Going over this as a team personally helped me with the rest of the retreat. Setting goals and planning out 2018 was easier for me knowing where everyone wants to be in 2018.

    After we went over the state of the company and numbers we broke for lunch! It was so awesome going to a separate building and eating at a large table together as a team. All I could think about is how I felt like I was at one of those summer camps kids always talked about going to. The staff at Wooded Glen was amazing and made sure we had everything we needed! By the way- their hot brown casserole is to die for and they sell cook books with their recipes in it! YUM!

    After lunch we made vision boards which was the time where everyone on the team got creative! Where do you want to be in your life in the next year? Whenever people would ask me this I would have an answer but I was never confident it would happen. Making the vision boards and presenting them to the team gave me that boost of confidence that I can reach my goals I am setting. The team holds everyone accountable and encourages each other to reach not only their work goals but their personal ones as well!


    How can a company ever be successful and continue success if they never stop and narrow down their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as a company and for each individual team member? Knowing what everyone on the team see’s personally helps identify where we are heading, changes we need to make, and things we need to continue doing! Writing these out and visually seeing them as a team helped us all talk through our SWOT.

    Todd surprised the team with our next book for book club and he even took the time to write us all a message inside the book. It’s refreshing to have a boss who truly cares about you and invest in helping you grow not just in the business but in your personal life as well. Our next book we will be reading as a team is The Ideal Team Player! Todd was not the only one with a surprise… Kristin and Alison got everyone on the team a self journal that outlines everything for you in the journal to reach your goals. IT’S AWESOME! 

    After dinner Alison and Kristin had another surprise for everyone on the team. They had an awards ceremony with silly, fun awards for each member on the team and gifts that went along with the award. Everyone sat around and laughed over this for a while! It was a nice way to wind down the night after a day full of goal setting and digging deep.

    Cornhole, cards against humanity, cookies and milk, cupcakes, music, laughs, heart to hearts, bonding, and playing pool is just a summary of our night. It was a truly awesome experience to be able to bond with your team! Work is not even work…. it’s fun and we all enjoy one another which makes it ten times better!

    We did spend the night in a house and picked up the next morning where we left off by coming up with a team word that we want to relate to our upcoming year. As a team we chose Disruptive by Design better known as DBD. Everyone was so excited about this and it motivated everyone to get stuff done. It amazes me how a word can get the team so excited! We will be hanging this phrase up around our offices to remind everyone on the team what our main goal is this upcoming year and how we can reach that goal.

    The retreat wrapped up with a recap and talking as a team about our biggest takeaways from this work retreat. It was truly amazing to leave Wooded Glen even more motivated than I felt going into the retreat! Watch out 2018 we are coming for you and we are ready to help people’s dreams come true!


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