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    5 Ways Advertising Will Sell Your Home!

    The real estate market is always one that changes dramatically. Depending on the market trends in our world reflects real estate. Something that is not going away anytime soon though is advertising! Yes, the way we advertise and market have changed over time but in reality we still do all the same things. Now we just have a new aspect of how we can advertise which is technology. If you want to sell your home quickly you need to be informed on who you are using and what they do to ensure your home will sell quickly.

    Here are some ways advertising can sell your home fast!


    1. FACEBOOK! Do you ever scroll through Facebook and an ad catches your eye? Companies and Facebook are doing this on purpose! Facebook allows business’s to create advertisements and boosts their post. Depending on how many people you want seeing a post depends on how much you want to spend on the ad. Facebook even allows you to create a target audience and locations of people you are wanting to target!
    2. PICTURES! When it comes to selling a home people want to see the goods. Show them what your home has to offer and why they need to book a showing and jump on it! Show off the parts of the home that have character and charm! Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What is going to make your house stand out and be the deciding factor for someone? Maybe you have an awesome loft in your home, a spiral staircase, built in shelves, or a spacious backyard? Whatever it may be there has to be at least one thing you can showcase in your home to help it sell!
    3. PHOTOGRAPHER! Now we just hit on pictures but you cannot go throwing any picture out on social media sites! It’s best to hire someone who knows what they are doing and has taken professional pictures of homes for sale before. A photographer is going to know exactly how to accentuate your home to make it desirable.
    4. STAGING! People want to see a home look clean and easy to picture their own personal items in. Cleaning the house, using warm, inviting colors, and decluttering is the best way to stage a home. Walking into a cluttered home only makes it look smaller and harder to envision their own personal items in.
    5. VIDEOS AND DRONEOGRAPHY! Using droneography allows people to see properties from up high and at all angels. This is wonderful for people who have large properties with awesome features outside. Using droneography can then be used to create promotional videos! This helps your home get more exposure which leads to a faster offer!


    Here at The Paxton Group we have a full time Marketing Director who makes sure listings are being pushed in all aspects of marketing and advertising. The Paxton Group does everything listed above to ensure quick sales in this market that is constantly changing! If you want your home to sell quickly or know someone who is looking to sell or buy contact us today-we are professionals in what we do!

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