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    2015 Year in Review

    Another New Year! Can you believe it? Time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed.


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    Let’s go through some numbers first. In 2013, Todd sold $13.2 million in Real Estate. In September 2013, Amy Dixon was added to the team. In November of the same year, the team made the move to Keller Williams. Chris Goodman also began in November 2013. In May 2014, I was welcomed to the team (woot woot!!). The Paxton Group increased business by 54% and sold $20.3 million of Real Estate in 2014. But more important to us than the $ figure is the number of families we were able to help: 133. We are so unbelievably thrilled and humbled that we were able to help that many people in 2014.

    As for 2015? Kristin Nolot joined our team in January 2015 and we increased business once again, this time by 46%, and sold $29.7 million of Real Estate. Number of families we were able to help buy, sell or invest? 170! Can’t tell you how amazing that feels, to know that we were a part of helping families reach their financial and personal goals.

    Last year in a similar blog post, I said that our goal in 2015 was to help more families make their moves, and to accomplish it more effectively. I think that we accomplished this, in large part to one person: Kristin Nolot. Kristin joined our team in 2015 as an Inside Sales Agent. We later realized that we actually needed more support assistance in the time between an Accepted Offer and the Closing Table. We call this space of time “Contract-to-Close”, for those of you who don’t know (I sure didn’t know what that meant when I first joined the team). When Kristin took on the HUGE responsibility of Transaction Coordinator, we fully realized how awesome she was (I mean, she was already super awesome, but this just solidified her coolness factor)! When she became the TC, her goal was to successfully handle 40 contracts….at the peak of our business, she was handling 42. This year’s goal that she’s set? 60 (but I think she’s going to smash that).

    On June 8, 2015, we added an extremely important member to our team. One who constantly surprises us with her accepted offer dances (yep, I did type dances there), upbeat spirit, and go-getter attitude. Her name, you ask? Alison Koopman! She joined the team as a Buyer’s Agent and hit the ground running. In a little over a month, she already had her first closing under her belt. At year-end, she sold over $1.7 million of Real Estate. In November 2015, she had FOUR closings and had a total of 11 closings in 2015. To put that into perspective for you, the average agent sells 7 homes A YEAR! Alison accomplished that and more. We are so honored to have her as a part of our team and we know there are big things in store for her.

    We are planning big things for 2016. We want to help 250 families move. We just launched our totally improved website (don’t you LOVE how pretty it is?!?). The website has already made it easier for clients to search for properties, save their favorites, and request more information. We are also going to take the plunge and hire another Listing Agent! For those of you in the business, that’s a HUGE step. But we can’t wait and we’ll make an announcement once that person becomes a member of The Paxton Group! One of our team’s favorite motto’s is to “Be the best always, in all ways”. We are striving for that everyday and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds. Buckle up – it’s going to be a wild ride!

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    Jessica Bullock

    Jessica Bullock joined The Paxton Group in 2014 as our Marketing Director. She handles everything that has to do with marketing your home—from managing our client database to posting to our social media accounts. Jessica lives in Clarksville with her husband, Ryan, and their two dogs (Annabel Lee and Atticus Finch). She graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a double major in Finance and Marketing. After years of working in the strict world of retail and management, she decided to pursue something a little closer to her educational background (and a lot more fun!). She enjoys music (both playing and listening), movies (horror mostly), and hanging out with her family.

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