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    100 Days Big

    To say time flies when you’re having fun wouldn’t even begin to describe my first 100 days working as a Paxton Group team member.  At Keller Williams when you reflect back on an experience or something you just read or watched you talk about your “Aha” moments and why they impacted you the way they did.  So I would like to take a minute to share a few of my biggest aha’s from the last 100 days.

    Mindset.  Who knew that what I used to think was such a small part of our success actually accounts for 90% of it?  When I started with The Paxton Group back in August, I also started my first Bold! class.  The timing could not have been more perfect.  Bold stands for: Business Objective: Life by Design.  The class lasts 8 weeks long and is structured around things called Bold! laws.  Mindset is also one of the main focal points.  One Bold! law says “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  So with the constant help and support from everyone on the team during our daily routine, I started to change the way I looked at things.  Not only while I was at the office but also at home around family and with friends.  Instead of jumping to conclusions about certain scenarios or problems I faced, I looked at them differently.  My mindset came from more of a place of curiosity rather than judgement.  And because of that the conversations I created around myself with others also began to change.  By simply changing my mindset and making the effort to look at things differently, the things I looked at changed.

    Gratitude.  In our weekly team meetings we always start with our gratitudes.  It’s impossible to be angry or sad when you talk about or even take some time to just think about what you’re grateful for.  One of the required reading books for The Paxton Group is Gary Keller’s “The One Thing.”  In it he talks about the importance of gratitude to cultivate happiness: “Once we get what we want, our happiness sooner or later wanes because we quickly become accustomed to what we acquire. This happens to everyone and eventually leaves us bored, seeking something new to get or do. Worse, we may not even stop or slow down to enjoy what we’ve got because we automatically get up and go for something else”.  So during times of frustration, taking a moment to look at what’s frustrating me differently than I had in the past, and being grateful for the learning experience that was given to me, has helped me grow immensely.  I know that before I started with The Paxton Group I focused very little on what I was grateful for.  I make it a part of my daily routine now.

    Growth.  I had already told myself that starting this new career was going to be an incredible experience, but I had no idea how much I would grow in such a short amount of time.  Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable was the main lesson for me.  Nobody wants to be uncomfortable. Ever.  But the more you build things into your everyday routine and see success from it, the easier it gets.  Before starting with The Paxton Group, without having people there to coach you through those uncomfortable moments, I would’ve never grown to the extent I needed to to be successful in this business.

    I am so grateful for so many things in my life right now!  This team is the best in the business for so many reasons and I am honored to say that I am now officially part of it.  The even cooler part is that WE’RE HIRING!  I would love to chat with anyone who’s interested or has any questions about my first 100 days on the team.  I get excited thinking about how much this has helped me and how much it can help others as well.  And I’m only 100 days big!  It just might have been the best 100 days of my whole life .

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